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Dear Students and Guardians,

Greetings from DESH Education. You are aware of the presence of numerous education consultancy companies in the country. However, only a few of such companies have in-house expertise and knowledge of related rules and regulations pertinent to educational immigration, university / college admission, financial assistance and visa procedures. Hardly a few companies maintain high ethical standards and transparency in their operations. DESH Education is an exceptional organization in this regard. The prime objective of this organization is to attain excellence and impeachable reputation in supporting prospective students willing to obtain higher education from the abroad and thus contribute to the development of higher education of international standard.

In the previous years, DESH Education has successfully supported a large number of students. Without any exception, they all have concluded that while they have earlier visited a number of other education consultancy companies, none of them could be considered even close to the standard of DESH Education. It is perhaps the best among all educational consultancy companies operating in the country.

If you have already decided to go abroad for higher education or would like to explore the possibilities of such opportunities, you are invited to visit us for a cordial discussion.

Thanks & regards,
Mrs. Arifa Begum
Executive Director