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DESH Education is a panel of sophisticated and education counselors who understand the need of the students, their parents and the sponsors. We provide our students the best possible information on the all available options, to help them to make the most prudent decisions.

We offer the students a highly professional and cost-effective service process that enables a quick admission and smooth visa process. Quality service and reliability have formed the roots of its success over the years. We consider client satisfaction as our foundation upon which we are standing. Therefore, our business goal remains absolutely inseparable from our clients’ needs. We also believe that quality is the key to corporate success in an increasingly competitive market and thus strive to achieve excellence in all areas of performance.

Every year we send around 150 (One Hundred Fifty) students to the UK, USA, Canada, EU Countries, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Mauritius and Malaysia institutions for their higher study and this number is increasing day by day. Besides this we have a good number of highly qualified support team at our office to assist our clients with need-based guidance and support services.

All these together have contributed in becoming one of the leading educations

Consultancy firms in Bangladesh. However, DESH Education is not restricted to Dhaka only but we also have branch offices in Sunamganj and Brahmanbaria.

Our Mission:

DESH Education works together with students to avail the best possible overseas education, develop them to grow to their full potential and make them competent and confident to compete in the global market and as well as in Bangladesh. To ensure that, we are committed to provide proper education counseling to the students on choosing the right course in the right institutions, give advice and guidance on their career planning and also stimulate their moral responsibility towards our country Bangladesh.

We do believe this is a very big readability for DESH Education as our supervision may make new leaders for Bangladesh who will make our country very prosperous by their knowledge, skill, experiences and dynamic ideas.

We do congratulate and wish all the best to our Bangladeshi students who are in the UK, USA, Canada, Italy, Mauritius and Malaysia for their education and hope they will join Bangladesh with their new aspiration and full swing after the completion of their degrees.

Those who have completed their degree already from the UK, USA, Canada, EU Countries, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Mauritius and Malaysia and working in different sectors of Bangladesh we wish them every success in their lives.

This is why DESH Education is here and this is the way makes us very happy and proud; yes, we have done something for our nation.